Friday, August 27, 2010

I was wondering maybe, if I made you my baby...

I have been SO busy it's disgusting.
Got a new job with Nordstrom in Santa Monica...
Got an apartment SERIOUSLY close to said job...
Opening new store TODAY...
Also trying to have a life somewhere in between.

I promise I will get back on my blog game (as soon as I get Internet set up in my place!) but this post is so necessary.

SAM EDELMAN is where it's at. I know, I know, I'm sure you already have SOME idea of what I'm talking about... but really. Look at this:

And if that's not enough amazing studded, rugged loving for you, here's the Jeffrey Campbell boot/gladiator/wedge I NEEED
Woe is me.

All photo's belong to respectively. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

we do it how we do it

This is my official summer wish-list, brought to you by the ever-famous ever-fabulous NET-A-PORTER

I think I've known about NET-A-PORTER for a reallllly long time.. and honestly never been able to visit it. It is a dark and dangerous place... one that you can stay for hours on end... and one that can severely injure your credit card. SO GOOD though. Now that I've lost my NET-A-virginity, I am addicted.

Hence... WISH LIST
Every magazine has at least 2 or 3 in their June/July issues, and they're fab, but I want to make MINE.

My feet will definitely have their revenge in my old age. For me, the higher the better when it comes to shoes, and with the 'season of the platform,' I am in LUCK!

I love studs, I love color, hence, I LOVE these Brian Atwood Loca pumps. Delish.

Holy hot python. Go Charlotte Olympia, I am at your service.

Disgusting. (Alexander Wang's fault)


Somebody (Herve Leger) knows how to do cutouts! Correctly! Mmmm cocktail hour, here we come.

Yes, Yes YES! Elizabeth and James, you can come to our cocktail party, too.

Basically this season (past season included I suppose) was MADE for me... platforms, wedges, platform wedges (lush,) military-inspired, studs, studs, some more studs, structured detailing (bandage dresses, corsets, cut outs,) neon surf-inspired accessories, I mean YES PLEASE... don't ever change!
All photos courtesy of the amazing NET-A-PORTER website. All rights reserved.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby let me love you down

Local gems I have recently fallen in love with:

*image courtesy of all rights reserved

Love & Toast
First of all, my initial run-in with this wonderfully marketed brand was not in Colorado, my good 'ol home state, but in Seattle... weird right? 
My best friend and I were shopping around in a wonderful little suburb of Seattle called Fremont (def worth a visit if you can make it!) and stumbled upon two wonderful, tasty, well-designed boutiques... yes this story is going somewhere, I promise.
The boutiques (all about 1/4 of a block away from each other,) were owed by the same wonderfully offensive, brash, and charming man who we got the pleasure of meeting. BTW the boutiques, if you are interested were 
Finch & Sparrow

My aforementioned best friend purchased some roll-on perfume at one of the boutiques and both of us, being the nerds we are, were obsessed with the packaging, and how attractive the product was (even without smelling it!) TA-DA! Love&Toast.
I don't recall if we realized this was a local (Denver) production, but I sure did when my hair salon began to carry their hand cremes and lip balms... I put on their Mandarin Tea and was sniffing at my hand for most of the day. Delish. 
With a small amount of internet research, I learned the brain behind the great product and packaging is Margot Elena, whiz-woman behind Lollia and Tokyo Milk, look them up. This girl obviously loves smell, pretty things, and graphic design JUST about as much as I do. Kudos. I did I mention that practically everything is ridiculously affordable?! Cherry on the top of a very enticing sundae.

*image courtesy of all rights reserved  

Elizabeth's Embellishments

This little gem has been around (very, very, embarrassingly close to where I live) for aahh... maybe seven/eight or so years and I just now discovered it! To tell you the truth, from the outside, it looks like one of those places that would cause me to spontaneously break out into a mixture of hives/headache/heat flashes. It looks like it's frilly, with lace, pink, smelly things that mix until you're nauseated, and more pink. BUT, lo-and-behold... one should not judge even a store by it's cover, because I ADORED it.I visited it on a whim, and I am glad I did (although my bank account might not be as glad.)
They have a lot, and to some, it might be a little much, but if you have hours and a hugeeeeee budget, its perfect! 
I found the most adorable stationary, quirky and original clothing, boutique-style accessories and home goods, great little do-dads and gifts, charming ambiance, and the most adorable selection of 'baby things' I have ever seen. Might be enough to induce labor. Get this baby out and put one of those cute little bear hats with ears and blushing cheeks on it ASAP!
Anyway, if you are in Lafayette or you are a savvy online shopper check it out, although I admit the website definitely does not do the whole place justice.

*final image courtesy of all rights reserved

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bring 'em to me

Gosh I've been working SO much!!
So it's been interesting to work with an 'older' crowd, no offense ladies! and I have noticed some challenges in helping them put together outfits that are hip/up-to-date/age appropriate/flattering etc...
I realized us young'ns have it easy! Firm upper arms, can look at least moderately attractive in almost all colors...
Anyway my question to you, fellow fashion bloggers and readers is, what is the greatest mistake women of a 'certain age' make when trying to dress simultaneous their age and in style?
And side note: is it a worse if you 'know what works for you' and stick with that and only that, or if you take fashion risks and sometimes end up looking like you're trying too hard/are too old/aren't doing yourself any favors?
I have my pointed opinions, of course, but I want yours.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I want it all, that's why I strive for it

First of all...
I am the worst blogger ever...
And if there was any excuse for my absence on the blog scene it would be that I am now profitably (to an extent) employed and seriously busy/lazy/not prioritizing correctly.

Yes I am now employed in retail (woo!)
Also, since I have a job, I can buy magazines and feel less guilty about it...
So here comes the reason for my hasty and visually bland post:

I was sitting here, technically 'on the clock' nannying, enjoying the newest issue of InStyle, drooling profusely, and dog-tagging pages like a maniac, when I decided that I should visit said dog-tagged websites.
Low-and-behold, my own magazine-addict, fashion-whoring, page-ripping nirvana.
No joke.

Scope out it's like crack, only cheaper, and not as detrimental to the health of the masses.
Their selection is not amazing but it will do (and it definitely favors those of us fashion minded folk.)

Thank me later when you are spending $11 per month to get 7 killer fashion/lifestyle mags delivered directly to your mailbox, and you can no longer afford to pay for them because you become so distracted by their  brilliance, you no longer make it to work, or for that matter leave your house. Actually, now that I reflect on that possibility, maybe forget I told you all about it.
More tidbits soon, se prometo.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tonight, I'mma let you do your thang

I know, I know I'm a little late
BIFF (The Boulder International Film Festival) is going on today and tomorrow (with tomorrow as the last day.) Don't feel bad if you missed out this year, I only recently jumped on the bandwagon.
BIFF is pretty sweet, and it's becoming widely recognized as a hip and edgy film festival (go CO) check it out at their website.

Also, they need millions (okay maybe a few hundred) volunteers to make the festival run smoothly, so if you put this in your calendar for next year, you can be a part of the whole shebang and get a cute BIFF t-shirt, bonus!

Image source: BIFF

The next blip on my radar is something the wonderful Fashion Denver is sponsoring, the 2nd Annual DiverCity Fashion Show: Mile High City Glamour.
It's being held at The Church on February 18th and sounds like it has the potential to be pretty badass. I will be there with bells *and my camera* on.
 Check out Fashion Denver's website for more info... also you will be in the loop if you sign up for their newsletter: they're a part of a lot of local fashiony events (duh.)

Image source: Fashion Denver

And last but certainly not least, um.... who knew that Aspen had a fashion week?
I know it's no New York Fashion Week... but pretty exciting still!
This little diddy doesn't take place until March so you have time to fully update your Apres ski-wear and head up the mountain to mingle with... well whoever else knows about Aspen Fashion Week.
Soooo just a heads up, their website makes me want to pull my freshly-highlighted hair out, but hey, they can't do it all...

Image source: Aspen Fashion Week

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I will hide you in my walls

So I accidentally stumbled upon* quite a gem.
I can honestly say that I have no recollection at all of how I found this website, although I have some brief fleeting images of the incident.
I know I was looking at some type of pictures, and in the bottom corner (I might have made that part up) Dripbook was cited as their source. I was like... pfff wtf is Dripbook?! Like Facebook but for.... Yeah I had no idea, but with one cool/inspiring/nicely shot image after the other citing it as their source, I thought I should explore it.
And here we are.

Dripbook calls itself a promotional tool for creative visual artists. Basically, it's an easy, organized, fast way to create an online portfolio. Even better yet, you can export these visual portfolios to other places  like Facebook, your iPhone, wherever. There are other features such as the ability to export a custom website with your portfolio, instant-updates, an organization that makes it easy to find what you're looking for, and the ability to contact any creative ingenue without even having a Dripbook account.

What's the catch? It costs money (insert collective groan.)
But... Not a lot of money, anywhere between $10-39 per month depending on membership... And there's a 30 day free trial.

Lucky for you and me, it is entirely free to explore, so if you go to and something tickles your fancy, you can click, and TaDa! there you have their clean, organized, easy to view, portfolio and deets! Amazing. So good. You can also browse by genre, books versus creatives, or tags.

Photo Source: All photos from

 So fab.
Who's ready for Fashion Week?!

*Not to be confused with literally 'stumbling upon,' aka using StumbleUpon's browser toolbar, which is also a PHENOMENAL way to find new cool things.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With the moon I run, far from the carnage of the firey sun

I just died a little bit inside.
(In a good way, if that's possible)

As you may (or may not) know, Paris' Haute Couture Week is going on right now, ending tomorrow, Thursday the 28th.
For those of you who are more or less fashion-lingo challenged... 

1. the occupation of a couturier; dressmaking and designing.
2. fashion designers or couturiers collectively.
3. the clothes and related articles designed by such designers.
4. the business establishments of such designers, esp. where clothes are made to order.
Definition from

Although the average fashionista might know this much about couture, it doesn't really outline the specifics (like how to obtain the couture title.) Thankfully, we have the wonderful, ever-knowledgeable staff at Fashionista to clear things up.
The article Couture: A Lesson explains the process behind becoming a couturier (and being able to design couture,) as well as shows the in-depth description of Chanel's Couture line that walked yesterday.

Upon reading the runway details of Karl Lagerfeld's show,  I was entranced. It sounded like an amazing line, but of course, descriptions can decieve, so I delved deeper into the endless media hole that is the Word Wide Web...

And found this gem:
Paris Haute Couture: Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

I could definitely do without some teen blogger's hair woes, and Kanye's over-rated model GF (I'm pretty sure I don't need to mention anything about her attire), but then it gets good when the wonderful UK Telegraph shows us some video clips from Karl's sparkly silver show.
The article that accompanies the video describes the shock and awe (finally) at Chanel's choices: no LBD, shorts as part of a suit, lack of gold/chain accents... OMG could Chanel be updating their look to keep up with the times? Even with their Couture line? Sacré bleu!

Image Sources: (L-R) all from Dailymail. Copright Reuters, AFP/Getty Images, AFP/Getty Images.

I, for one, applaud Karl for the 'neon-baroque' collection. My favorite things were the hair, tulle as an accent and accessory, and the obviously genius mix of baroque/futuristic elements without that tacky, been-there-done-that kind of look.

Love it. As if you couldn't tell...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Walk, walk, fashion baby

What a marvelous Colorado weekend...

Mine started off with quite a bang at the Fashion Denver Open House on Friday night.
First of all, Fashion Denver is doing amazing things for Colorado designers and for the 'industry' as a whole, if you haven't checked out their website/store/facebook page yet, then you need to.
The new space is fabulous, very spacious, nicely decorated, and an overall visual joy. I don't know much about the previous store, but it must be quite the victory to be growing out of a smaller venue and into this one.

There were a fair number of the FD designers attending the event, which was nice, attendees were able to mingle with the designers, talk fashion, maybe even buy something.
As promised, Rebelle by Tootsies Hair Salon and Tootsies Nail Shoppe were there touching up make up, dolling out men's quick shaves, painting nails, and of course enjoying the party as much as the rest of us. And finally, if you got there early enough to be able to walk to the back of the shop, Hypnotiq had some of their girls bartending and passing out Hypno gift bags.
The event was very well attended, lively, fun (I loved the min-mock-Parisian-fashion shows,) and made me want to be a part of practically everything Fashion Denver has to offer.

You can check their website out for more information or just go visit them at 1070 Bannock Street.

Cheers! Happy Monday!

All images: Copyright Brianna Maya Charles


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Girl Save Your Soul

I know all of you are sitting around just waiting for the weekend to begin... it is Wednesday after all.
I have some suggestions for you.

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

To kick your weekend off right, the wonderful Fashion Denver is celebrating their new digs with a free, open to the public open house. It should be a good time had by all with their new designers being showcased, a trunk show, fashion shows, mini-manis, updos and other delish stylish events.
Image source: Fashion Denver

Saturday/Sunday, January 23/24th, 2010
All day (3:00pm on weekends: free guided tour of Embrace!)

The Denver Art Museum has a seriously cool exhibit going on called Embrace! It's very cool, with artist's work all over the walls, dripping from the ceilings, and inhabiting crawl-like-spaces. The other exhibit that I really loved (which I don't remember loving as much the last time I visited the DAM) was the permanent Modern & Contemporary Art. Loved it, so luxe, check it out.
Image source: Denver Art Museum

That's all for now, have a great weekend, and look forward to some rockin' pics very, very soon.